Palliative Care

Come home
to comfort.

Hospitals, treatments, and hard decisions: Sometimes, all a
chronically ill or end-of-life patient wants is comfort.

For these times, nothing is better than the soothing space of home.
Our gentle certified Home Care Aides are experts in palliative care,
focusing on symptom relief and emotional support.

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Palliative, hospice:
What’s the difference?

Palliative Care

Palliative care exists to relieve pain, discomfort, and other symptoms,
and is not designed to cure the core illness.

Hospice Care

Hospice care, often called end-of-life care, is palliative care
specifically intended for patients in the last stages of an illness.

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planning with People Care.

When it comes to memory loss, clients’ families can be their
greatest support system. Our family training program equips
loved ones with the skills they need to join this journey.

Physical Comforts

Throughout palliative care, our certified
Home Care Aides offer symptom relief and
assist with all normal activities of daily living.

  • Symptom relief
  • Personal hygiene care
  • Meal preparation & feeding assistance
  • Light housekeeping, tidying up, & changing bed linens

Emotional Comforts

Here’s where quality of life matters most. Our caring team
offers emotional support alongside physical pain relief.

  • Holistic care plans that include behavioral health management
  • Emotional support for family members
  • Sensitive, discreet caregiving to maintain patient’s dignity
  • Spiritual counseling as requested

Enjoy better palliative care
management with People Care.

Palliative education

As your Care Consult, we’ll help you understand
the chronic illness or condition, explain the care
options available to you, and help make your
decisions a reality.

Physician communication

End-of-life care can be stressful for family
members, so rest assured: Our certified Home
Care Aides are in continuous communication
with your loved one’s medical team.

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