Memory Care

memory well.

Alzheimer’s or dementia can be distressing to the
individual – and hard for loved ones to care for alone.

Our sensitive and specially trained certified Home Care Aides are
trained to help patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia.
We’re there when you need us, providing clients with a cocoon of
security and families with education, advice, and support.

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Emotional Wellness

Using heart-to-heart techniques, our certified Home Care Aides
specialize in helping memory loss patients feel safer and happier.

  • Methods designed to enhance client’s daily experience
    and strengthen family connections
  • Community programs and home-based solutions to
    keep clients’ hearts and minds engaged
  • Regular mental health assessments to evaluate for
    depression and other emotional difficulties
  • Cognitive exercises that stimulate short-term memory

Physical Wellbeing

Memory loss can create a gap in personal health maintenance. Our well-equipped Home Care Aides keep that from happening.

  • Comprehensive initial needs assessment, plan of
    care implementation and care coordination
  • Everyday activities of daily living, such as
    medication management and housekeeping
  • Memory Care best practices, such as Fall Safety
    diligence, mealtime supervision, and more
  • Home care education for
    family caregivers for assistive care

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Our Family Caregiver Support Program

When it comes to memory loss, clients’ families can be their greatest
support system. Our family training program, Side by Side, equips loved
ones with the skills they need to join this journey.

Safety Support

Support your loved one’s health by learning about disease progression, home safety, and preventing and managing difficult behaviors.

Memory Lane

As key to your loved one’s memories, you can reminisce about happy memories, keep them acquainted with family, and provide emotional support.

Self Care

You’re not alone. We’re here to offer our expertise, support you in times of stress, and take over when you simply need a break.

Memory Loss
Care is not just
about memory.

Our memory loss program involves all of our
holistic home care services — and the quality
of your home care directly affects your loved
one’s physical health.

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