Chronic Care Management


Learning about your loved one’s chronic illness can be intimidating.
That’s why People Care has developed intensive chronic care specialty
training for Home Care Aides and clients. Reduce your loved one’s
chance of hospital readmission and enjoy better health, every day!

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Chronic Care

Heart Failure





Alzheimer’s Disease

Enjoy better chronic care
management with People Care.

Specialty Training

Leaving the hospital environment can be
scary without support tailored to your needs.

Our Home Care Aides will implement your
plan of care and beyond:

  • Infection control training
  • Heart-healthy meal planning
  • LVAD training
  • Post-stroke care

Memory Loss Care

Alzheimer’s Disease affects more than 5 million Americans.

Our Memory Loss Care program is specifically
developed to target the needs of Memory Loss
patients and their families

  • Tools to keep heart and mind engaged
  • Regular mental health assessments
  • Free education for family caregivers
  • Medication management, housekeeping, mealtime supervision, and more

Family Education

While your People Care team is trained to safely manage chronic
illnesses, the support of family is invaluable.

Our family training program teaches you:

  • The ins and outs of your loved one’s specific illness
  • Tools to enhance their everyday comfort
  • Emotional health symptoms to look out for
  • And much more!

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your loved ones need.

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