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Westchester County

(914) 422-3917


Suffolk County

(631) 207-2179


Staten Island

(212) 631-7300


Nassau County

(516) 433-2600

For Home Care Service in Westchester County,
call (914) 422-3917

For Home Care Service in the Bronx
call (212) 631-7300

For Home Care Service in Manhattan,
call (212) 631-7300

For Home Care Service in Queens,
call (212) 631-7300

For Home Care Service in Suffolk County,
call (631) 207-2179

For Home Care Service in the Staten Island,
call (212) 631-7300

For Home Care Service in Nassau County,
call (516) 433-2600

For Home Care Service in Brooklyn,
call (212) 631-7300

We’re the people
you’ve trusted since 1976

And there are good reasons for that.

For over 40 years, we’ve invested all our focus in providing exceptional home care to New York residents via higher standards of training, treatment, and oversight.

A proud partner.

As a state-recognized LHCSA, we’ve worked closely with the New York Department of Health and New York hospitals to improve global senior healthcare, participating in pilot programs and research studies.

An employee ally.

Incredible client care starts with happy employees. We're part of the east coast's largest union, which means we take care of our employees — so they can take care of you. Learn more about careers at People Care.

We’re the people in your corner

It’s built into the foundation of this company.

It is the mission of People Care to provide compassionate quality care to all patients in the home setting with acknowledged respect for their worth, comfort, privacy, dignity, spirituality, and freedom of choice, maximizing their quality of life.

We care to innovate.

With a strong home care focus and a people-first mindset, we’re at the forefront of home care innovation.

We’re here for you.

Our objectives and philosophy reiterate our commitment to the patient, patient advocate, and health care team.

Beyond standard accountability

You won’t settle. We won’t settle, either.

We know the stress that home care can place on a patient and their loved ones. That’s why we double down on state-mandated quality standards. Our policies and oversight ensure that our clients are informed, supported, and safe.

Care: accounted for.

  • Certified, screened, validated caregivers
  • Exclusive People Care training
  • Continuous caregiver education
  • Registered Nurse oversight
  • Family physician check-ins

Satisfaction: measured.

Better outcomes for us means better outcomes for your loved ones. Our Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), reviewed each quarter, helps us carefully review client satisfaction so that we’re always growing, evolving, and improving.

Meet the team

You won’t settle. We won’t settle, either.

  • Susan Brett

    Chief Operating Officer/Senior Vice President
  • Lourdes Raspante

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Sharon Kennedy

    Director of VNS Contracting and Verification Services
  • Jacqueline Morales

    Director of Operations
  • Galina Klebanova, RN, MSN, DCS

    Director of Clinical Services and Quality Management
  • Alla Oplachko, RN

    Director of Patient Services
  • Mary-Pat Schaefer, RN

    Senior Compliance Nurse
  • Susan Trocchia, RN

    Director of Education
  • Gail Adams

    Corporate Director of Personnel
  • Erica Murillo

    Director of Intake
  • Evan Blachman

    Director of Marketing
  • Motty Hafner

    Marketing Specialist

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